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  • The Center for Orthopedic & Neurosurgical Care & Research was spending up to 10 hours a week removing infections from servers. With four main terminal servers, unauthorized software and malware was spiraling out of control. HIPAA compliance was also violated. After installing Deep Freeze Server, terminal servers no longer required daily maintenance.
    Protecting Medical Records & Saving Money
  • Freedom First Credit Union was spending too much time troubleshooting PCs. Reimaging and updating was eating up precious IT time and employees were sitting idle while machines were in the shop. Since deploying Deep Freeze, Freedom First has increased the number of PCs and reduced troubleshooting time by 50%, allowing IT to be more proactive.
    Keeping Your Money Safe
  • Ballston Spa Central School District found themselves reimaging machines every week. Not to mention an anti-virus solution that brought the network and machines to a grinding halt. After installing both Faronics Deep Freeze and Anti-Virus, there was an immediate 80% reduction in both software issues and system crashes.
    Facilitating Learning Everywhere